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Back To Nature

Extremis Hopper table, Blu Dot Hot Mesh armchairs, and Extremis Romeo & Juliet bench blend beautifully in this breezy social garden.

No Place Like Home

Steelcase Migration SE bench and B-Free lounge system allow team members to work closely or step away to re-energize and collect their thoughts.

Impromptu Project Space

Steelcase Groupwork Flip Top table, Steelcase Flex Mobile Power and Steelcase Flex Acoustic Boundaries create an on-demand project space in seconds.

Social Hub

Turnstone Campfire lounge, Coalesse Enea Altzo943 chairs and Extremis Sticks come together to create a bright, inviting social café.

Team Think Tank

Steelcase V.I.A. Walls with Butt Glazing and Verlay standing height table create a modern meeting space for teams near and far.

Task Master

Bolia Mood table, Viccarbe Quadra chairs and Steelcase Flex Mobile Power allow individuals to toggle between tasks without losing their flow.

Inviting Escape

Bolia Fuuga sofa, Coalesse Embrace lounge chair CHE015 and Blu Dot Circula coffee tables form an inviting lounge space.

Balanced Breakaway

West Elm Work Brighton lounge, Steelcase Flex Markerboards and Steelcase Flex Screen provide the perfect team breakaway space.

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