Move Management

Moving from one location to another can be very stressful with the interruption of work that packing and moving entails. However, with an Office Concepts project manager onsite to oversee the planning and implementation of your move, you can rest assured that your move will be easier than ever before. Whether it’s a move to another portion of your facility or a large-scale relocation, Office Concepts provides experienced and comprehensive Move Management Services.

Preparing for a Move

To prepare for the day of the move, our Move Team begins the seamless task of carefully boxing, labeling and identifying items to move in sequential order for each employee, so they minimally impact productivity. Workstations and furniture are broken-down and boxed, ready to be reassembled in their new location.

Project Move Manager

Each job begins with an experienced Project Move Manager assigned to oversee and plan each portion of the move. Your Move Manager will develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account scheduling, budgeting, floor plans, site preparation, and any final construction or design work taking place at your new location. Your Project Manager is your one point of contact, coordinating not only with each member of the Move Team, but with your employees as the move takes place.

Overseeing the Move

Due to our precise advanced planning process, clients rarely experience ‘surprises’ on the day of their move. If, however, any unforeseen change does occur, our Project Move Manager has years of moving experience and can guide the process along and resolve any last-minute issue as it arises.

Once onsite at the new location, your Project Manager will oversee the unpacking, assembly of workstations and furniture with a post-move assessment to review any outstanding tasks or items that need to be addressed.